Jerry & Bayley (2)

Homefront Dogs has been discontinued. We have enjoyed working with and supporting our American Heroes but the format of our business has changed. We are now offering the same program to all people with disabilities, at the same price advantages. We are happy to incorporate these new values and hope that you will still consider training through Gabby Jack Ranch’s Real World Dog Training program!

This training plan will be announced at the end of 2016 and you will find that there are no longer restrictions related to location because we are going to offer could based training!

Many of our basic classes will be free and those that are offered for a fee will be offered at a very reasonable price. Payment options will also be available, to make it easier for you to get and train you service dog.

While we do still provide excellent puppies from Gabby Jack Ranch’s program, you will be able to select your own puppy or work with your current pet for training. We encourage you to read our preliminary materials before you begin because this type of training is very important and very difficult. You will want to select the dog you train very carefully. Your dog must not be reactive, vicious, protective, loud or otherwise a threat or distraction to the public.

You will want to consider the age of the dog and his or her comfort for working. We will guide you through this process but want to ensure that you have good, basic information about service dog requirements before you begin.

Please watch for the unveiling of our new Real World Dog Training program, coming this winter!