We carefully select breeding stock based on temperament, intelligence, health, personality and appearance. We conduct health testing to confirm good genetic health. Then, when the dogs are mature enough, we prepare for puppies!

Our male dogs are available to stud for qualified breeders. We sell puppies to pet families as well as provide them as service or therapy dogs.


LEVI, Australian Multigen Labradoodle, 40 lbs.

Handsome Levi     Levi loveBaby Levi

SHADOW, Australian Multigen Labradoodle, 32 lbs.

Love ShadowPerfectionMy Mama Loves Me

BENTLEY, Australian Multigen Labradoodle, 40 lbs.

Meet Madison, our RETIRED F1B Labradoodle from Red Rock Labradoodles in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is a standard size, weighing 54 lbs.

  • Madison has given birth to two beautiful litters of puppies and we have kept five of her puppies (two from the first litter and three from her second litter) to be raised in guardian homes and, upon passing of genetic and health testing, these puppies will join our breeding program.
  • One of Madison’s puppies was placed with Lucky Me Labradoodles of Weed, California to join their breeding program.
  • This girl is sweet, comical, smart and very loving. Her coat is silky soft, non-shedding and curly.
  • Everyone loves Madison. She enjoys meeting new people and loves playing with other dogs.
  • Madison is retired and enjoying life as a precious member of her guardian family in San Jose, California. She travels everywhere with her “parents” and is now a service dog to her owner.
  • Two of Madison’s siblings are service and therapy dogs, respectively. One of her puppies, Aloha, is in training to become a court dog for Yolo County, California and a few of her other puppies are in training as service dogs.

This is Clyde, our beloved RETIRED Australian Multigen Labradoodle from Colorado.

  • Clyde is the sire to both of the litters produced by Madison.
  • Clyde is a small standard boy, weighing 40 lbs.
  • His coat is silky soft, wavy, non-shedding fleece. He is cream with highlights of apricot coloring. Everyone who meets Clyde is smitten with his gentle, sweet nature and good manners.
  • Clyde lives with his guardian family in Walnut Creek California. He is now retired from breeding.

Luke, a son from Madison and Clyde, sire to Traz and Hana (in our breeding program)

Luke is an Australian Multigen Labradoodle, RETIRED.

  • His mother is Madison and his father is Clyde.
  • Luke lives in a guardian home in beautiful San Francisco. He shares his home with another of our guradian breeding dogs, Violet (a chocolate Multigen Labradoodle).
  • Luke is a big boy, weighing in at over 70 lbs! He has a soft, curly, non-shedding coat. He carries brown, cream/red/apricot, black and parti.
  • This is one very smart boy! He knows how to hold a jar in his front paws while using his mouth to untwist the lid!
  • His puppies have his high intelligence and several of his offspring are now being trained as service dogs.