To obtain a puppy from Gabby Jack Ranch:
Application: Phase One:
  1. Complete the general application for a home companion puppy as a first step; indicate that you are applying for a service dog
  2. Attach a short essay that tells us who you are and what your training goals are, what assistance or tasks you hope to accomplish with your dog; if you are applying on behalf of a child or other guardianship relationship, please indicate that you are submitting the application on their behalf
  3. To purchase a puppy with your Gabby Jack Ranch Service Dog Training, we currently charge $2200 (prices subject to change) for an assistance quality puppy. We ask that if you are unable to pay required fees, you make a commitment to fundraise to purchase a dog. We have limited funding available for donated dogs and scholarships for training. If you are low income and want us to consider discounting or donating a puppy or training, please indicate that you request financial support when you submit your phase one application and specify how much you are able to pay towards the puppy and training. Note that every client obtaining a puppy from Gabby Jack Ranch must pay a minimum of $500 to help us cover our fixed costs. Any scholarship, donation or discount is for the remaining balance and will not be applied to the required $500 fee.
Application: Phase Two:
  1. Once we review the initial application, upon approval, we will send a second application that will include a letter that you will give to your doctor or counselor; this medical letter is a critical part of your application approval (all medical information is confidential and controlled under the HIPPA, the American Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 guidelines.)
  2. When you submit the second application we require that you include a $25 application fee; this application fee is non-refundable and does not contribute to the service dog fees.
  3. Provide two letters of reference; these references should indicate how we might reach them if we desire to follow up.
  4. You may require or wish to have a facilitator (sometimes known as a puppy raiser) to help you train and socialize your young puppy. The facilitator will be someone that you select and we screen for approval. Obviously, the facilitator must agree to the demands of puppy raising. Once approved, we will coordinate with your facilitator to see that they have tools to raise your puppy. The facilitator will be required to coordinate a training program with you and Gabby Jack Ranch. It is critical that your facilitator is close proximity to you so that you will have daily bonding and co-training time with your puppy. Therefore, it is wise to select someone in your family, neighborhood or community to work with and help you raise and train your puppy. You and/or your designated and approved facilitator will receive your puppy at an early age (8 to 16 weeks). If Gabby Jack Ranch believes that a facilitator is required to help you successfully train your puppy, you will be asked to find a qualified puppy raiser to assist you in your training. We do not provide puppy raisers for clients at this time.
  5. We may conduct extensive interviews with you, your facilitator and your family. This helps us determine canine readiness, your goals/expectations and identify certain traits and skills necessary for your puppy. These interviews will not take place until your application is approved. We reserve the right to refer you to another service dog agency if we believe that is in your best interests.
  6. You will be invited to attend Orientation class that will help you understand service dogs and the law that protects a person with disability, including the right to be accompanied by a service dog in public places that generally do not allow dogs; you will then decide if a service dog is right for you. The first session of Orientation is free. If  you choose to move forward to obtain and train a service dog, you will enter the second phase of Orientation. Before the start of the next Orientation, you will be required to pay $100. This fee is non-refundable but will be applied to the full payment of your service dog training program.

Conditions for Buying a Gabby Jack Ranch Puppy for Service Dog Training:

  1. You may be asked to provide more information. Your request for a puppy may be declined at any time during this application process (and prior to delivery of the puppy, if you are buying a puppy from Gabby Jack Ranch.) A Gabby Jack Ranch puppy may be removed from a home if, at any time, it is determined that the puppy is being abused, mistreated or neglected.
  2. The puppy selected for you by Gabby Jack Ranch will be the best candidate for a service dog matching your lifestyle. Success as a service dog team requires your hard work and commitment; the dog is capable of learning and serving but needs you to be consistent, patient, loving and protective in order to accomplish your goals. If you obtain a discounted or donated puppy (and/or training scholarship) from Gabby Jack Ranch the intention is to supply you with a dog and training to advance into a service dog partnership, therefore, if you do not attend classes, work with your dog throughout the week or for any reason we do not see that your puppy is advancing into service dog training, we may require that you return the dog. In this situation, you may be given the option of purchasing the dog at full price as a pet, at Gabby Jack Ranch’s discretion and in the best interests of the dog.
  3. You will need to provide medical verification of your disability for a service dog.
  4. If you are applying for a Gabby Jack Ranch puppy we will select your puppy based on temperament matching, personality, observation and needs assessment. You will NOT be assigned a puppy based on gender, color, coat quality or appearance.
  5. If applying for a Gabby Jack Ranch puppy, upon approval, we will require a deposit in the amount of $500. This deposit will be applied towards the service dog fee of $2200. We use these funds to pay for fixed operating costs. In other words, when a dog has been identified for you, you will pay a $500 deposit but will still owe the balance before the dog will be formally placed with a facilitator and/or you. The balance may be covered through donations or discounts to qualified applicants, upon available funding. This $500 deposit will only be requested once a puppy is assigned to you and then the deposit is non-refundable.
  6. Payment for your puppy must be made in full two weeks prior to delivery of the puppy unless other financial arrangements have been approved. No exceptions. Payment must be made by personal check, cashier’s check or money order for the exact amount of the purchase, funds must clear the bank before the puppy is delivered. You may be required to provide proof of funds clearing before your puppy is transported. Payments may be made electronically or by credit card through PayPal.
  7. Transportation and delivery costs are additional. This includes, but is not limited to, costs of crates, transportation fees/regulatory charges, air fare, ground transportation or personal delivery charges.
  8. We require that you make a commitment to your puppy, to learning your role in this dog/human partnership. This is a long-term commitment and you will be working multiple times a day with your puppy so that he/she can learn the many things that are important for your service dog to know. We expect that your goal in selecting a Gabby Jack Ranch dog (or program) is to form a partnership with your dog; a partnership that will support you and empower you to have more control over the circumstances of your life.
  9. We provide high quality dogs. Gabby Jack Ranch’s policy is to certify you for public access, only when appropriate. Certification is included with the full price of a service dog training program. If you do not pass the first certification test, you will be allowed to retake the test one time; if not successful the second time you may be required to enter into training classes again before you are allowed a third certification test. If you request Gabby Jack Ranch certification, except as included in the service dog training package, there may be additional fees and testing/verification requirements. (Gabby Jack Ranch Public Access Certification is included with your paid Service Dog Training Program whether or not you buy a Gabby Jack Ranch puppy.)

10. If Gabby Jack Ranch examiners must travel to you, you will be responsible for reasonable expenses. Gabby Jack Ranch trainers may agree to visit your home or have you come in for additional classes, these training sessions or classes will be at an additional cost and the trainer will discuss amounts and payments with you at that time.

11. You will be required to sign a contract. This information and your application will become an addendum to your contract. You will have ownership of the puppy but certain important conditions apply. If ever the puppy is subject to abuse or neglect, it will be immediately turned back in to Gabby Jack Ranch or reclaimed, at your expense, without notice or hearing. If you decide, at any time, that you are unable to keep your dog, you agree to notify Gabby Jack Ranch immediately and return the dog to us for re-homing. There will be no refund for re-homing situations. This placement is not transferable; you are not allowed to sell or give your puppy/dog away. Other conditions will apply and will be clearly explained to you before you are asked to sign a contract or give your deposit.

Conditions for Service Dog Training through Gabby Jack Ranch (using a Gabby Jack Ranch puppy or training your own dog):

  1. Training costs are not included in the price of your puppy. The classes are additional. Scholarships are available to qualified applicants.
  2. You are required to successfully complete basic obedience and intermediate training programs before moving on to the Orientation phase of Service Dog Training. If you already have a dog or you have obtained one from some other provider, you will be required to have this dog fully socialized and trained in basic obedience (you may sign up for Gabby Jack Ranch Puppy Kindergarten and Basic Obedience even if you do not get your puppy through the Gabby Jack Ranch) before you begin Service Dog Training. Your puppy may be trained by you, a private trainer or through another training program but must be prepared for the beginning phase of Service Dog Training.
  3. When you are ready to begin the Service Dog Training, you will complete the Orientation classes and pay the initial fees.
  4. Full Service Dog Training is $1800, this does not include puppy socialization or basic training (these two classes are extra and are charged in addition to your service dog training.)
  5. Payments are allowed if you cannot pay the full amount but a service and handling fee will be added for each payment. Each class must be prepaid before you take the class so you will be required to, at a minimum, pay every week for the upcoming week’s class.
  6. If you qualify for financial assistance, we may ask that you participate in fundraising activities to raise part or all of the money for your puppy and/or your training. We will help you with ideas and planning for fund raising events, if you wish.

By applying for a Gabby Jack Ranch puppy and/or Service Dog Training, you agree that you have read and understand Phase One, Application: Phase Two Applicatoin, the conditions and the information stated above. You further agree that the material you provide is a true and correct assessment of your living, financial and medical situation so that we are able to select the best puppy for your needs. You understand that this information will be adopted as an addendum to your contract with Gabby Jack Ranch.

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