This page is updated as puppies become available. Please check the date of the post. If there are no recent posts, then our adoptions have completed for the listed litters. Please contact us to be placed on our wait list for upcoming litters! PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE, the current price for a puppy from Gabby Jack Ranch is $2500.


Ariel is expecting her next litter on July 7, 2016! We anticipate dark red to lighter apricot colors and the puppies should mature to around 25-30 lbs. Ariel is a service dog and she has produced puppies that have become service and therapy dogs. Ariel’s litters are striking in appearance and grow up to be extremely loving and capable adult dog partners.

The sire to Ariel’s litter this time is Sutter Butte’s California Ozzie and we are so happy to have his puppies joining our program!

Our reservations are coming in quickly so if you hope to get a puppy from Ariel’s litter, please contact Gabby Jack Ranch right away and request an application, submit your deposit and we will hold your place in line. If your approved application and deposit arrive too late for Ariel’s litter, we will place the deposit on the next expected litter.


Gabby Jack Ranch's Ariel

Gabby Jack Ranch’s Ariel

Sweet Ariel

Ariel doing tricks

Ariel doing tricks



Sutter Buttes' California Ozzie

Sutter Buttes’ California Ozzie


MEET ZIVA, SHADOW AND DEEX, puppies from Ariel’s last litter (sire for this litter was Canadian Labradoodles’ Blaze)





Bob and Deex

Bob and Deex

Please contact us at to request an application. See our FAQ and Adoption pages of this web site for more information about Gabby Jack Ranch!


Malana and Dakota have honeymooned and we expect to have a darling litter of Labradoodles in October! Reserve your puppy now!

This is Malana and Dakota, thank you Sierra Vista Labradoodles for sharing Dakota with Gabby Jack Ranch! We expect cream and apricot colored puppies, hopefully red! Both parents have outstanding temperaments. They are gentle, loving, intelligent and confident. They will make wonderful family pets and super service dogs. Sizes of expected puppies when they mature will be between 25 and 40 lbs.

Malana   dakota-4


WE ARE EXPECTING TWO OUTSTANDING LITTERS IN THE FALL, 2014!!! If you would like to be considered for one of our puppies (we ARE selling pet puppies) please contact me at and request an application. The pictures below are of puppies related to the upcoming litter, we expect similar appearances, coats and colors (expecting brown, brown and white, apricot and apricot and white.) These puppies will be ready for their forever families in early May, 2015!

Baby Levi   Malana   Violet's baby Lemon  Violet and Luke's Multigen Labradoodle Puppies   close up rs    CodieDisney Royalty 10.28.12 019   IMG_1679   Outside 107   Seattle, rs    Puppy Class   Play time! Puppy Trip


We are making plans for upcoming litters! Most of the litters will be born and raised in guardian homes, with Jacque Reynolds supervising from birth to home selections.

Violet and Levi puppies arrived in early March, 2014!! This was one of the most fantastic litters we have produced! We expect our 2014 fall litters to be similar. Watch for announcements on our Gabby Jack Ranch facebook page!

Violet, our chocolate Multigen Labradoodle has been bred to Levi, an Australian Multigen Labradoodle (brother to Malana and Ariel, below). We expect brown and caramel colored puppies (caramel is a light red with a light colored nose and light eyes). We also expect parti puppies, these will be brown and white or caramel and white in color. Their coats will be fleece and temperaments will be confident, loving, gentle and sweet. Both parents live in guardian homes. Puppies are expected on or about March 12, 2014 and should be available to go to their new homes the first week in May, 2014. The puppies will range in size from small to medium standard, around 35-50 lbs. Levi’s pictures are below, to see Violet, go to our Google Photos here.

cute babyLevi love

Ariel,  our Australian Multigen Labradoodle (living in a guardian home) will be bred on her next heat cycle, around June, 2014. Her sister, Malana, (living at Gabby Jack Ranch) will also be bred around June 14, 2014. The sires have not yet been selected. Puppies from these litters will be available in the fall of 2014 and they will be outstanding! Malana and Ariel are beautiful dogs with soft, fleece coats. They weigh under 40 lbs. We expect rainbow colors with these two. Their temperaments are excellent for service and therapy work and they make fabulous pets!

Ariel Grad picIMG_0908 Malana face Malana


You may also enjoy reading our previous announcements!
These puppies are no longer available.

DOUBLE DOODLE PUPPIES (May 8, 2013) Lola and Buddy puppies born May 4, 2013! We have five girls and three boys! Some of these puppies will be processed and selected as service dogs in training for our Homefront Dogs program and civilians with disabilities. Others are sold as pets to support Gabby Jack Ranch programs. Please contact us at for an application. Get your application and deposit in early to reserve your spot for one of these puppies! These pups will be ready for their forever homes in the first week of July, 2013.

Puppy Pile

Update as of February 25, 2013. These pups will be available on March 5! Only 3 left so if you are interested, apply now! For current pictures, click HERE.



UPDATE 1/16/2013

We have seven beautiful Labradoodle puppies that will be ready for their forever homes on March 3, 2013! Please contact us at for an application to make one of these babies yours! We have seven pups, five boys and two girls.

Violet and Luke Babies

Violet and Luke Babies

Labradoodle Puppies

Labradoodle Puppies

 UPDATE 10/7/2012

We are releasing some of our puppies to be sold as pets! The money from puppy sales helps to support our charity and makes it possible for us to continue to offer donated and discounted puppies and services to disabled individuals and wounded soldiers; ALL of our puppy fees are applied to the charity. This is a perfect time for you to get an excellent puppy for your family while helping people with disabilities and our US veterans!

The puppies are available NOW! No waiting, no lists! Puppy selection is based on 1) Approved Application 2) Deposit.

We select our breeding dogs for their good health, excellent temperaments and beautiful, non-shedding coats. The parent dogs are fully health tested and we offer a 2 year genetic health warranty. Pet puppies sell for $2200.

We are looking for guardian homes, potential guardians must live within a 2 hour drive from Penn Valley, California. Please contact us if you want to be considered as a guardian for one of these puppies; we  have one male and one female available.

Contact us at for an application!

UPDATE, 9/30/2012   Puppies ready for their new homes, we will be matching puppies to their new families this Tuesday, October 2, 2012!! Contact us if you want to submit an application for one of these cutie pies!

Whether you are interested in having a companion dog, service dog, or therapy dog, each puppy is assessed and matched to the unique needs of our clients. Gabby Jack Ranch puppies enjoy a puppy preschool atmosphere and are eager to start their puppy training!



One litter are precious Double Doodle puppies, the other are Multigen Labradoodles!

Lola (red curly dog) is the mother and the sire is Buddy (Swany’s son, not pictured) of the red litter. Both Buddy and Lola have given us beautiful, smart, loving puppies in the past and each parent has produced service and therapy dog puppies! Buddy’s mother (Bayley) has given us most of our service dog lines!

Violet (chocolate dog below) is the mother of the multi-colored litter and Luke (cream dog below) is the sire. These puppies are multigenerational Labradoodles, Luke is an Australian Multigen Labradoodle and Violet is an American Multigen Labradoodle (4th generation.)

Ariel Grad pic

We are taking reservations now! Please contact us for an application. Once approved, you will be asked to post a deposit to hold a puppy from this litter for you.

We expect the red and cream pups to mature to be around 50-60 lbs. and the multi-colored pups will range between 40–60 lbs.

Litter number two is Multigen Labradoodles! Luke (Australian Multigen) is the sire and Violet (American Multigen) is the dam. These pups were born May 8, 2012 and be ready for their new homes around July 4, 2012!



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