It is amazing how a simple bedtime story can change your life forever. For example some people who read Cinderella when they were kids maybe found their true love at midnight. Well my story is a bit different and I didn’t just find someone who I love and loves me he also came with two extra legs and a very fluffy coat.

When I turned 11 my mom gave me a book* for my birthday. This book came with more than I expected, it came with a chance for me to be independent. From that day on I read that book every night with my mom before I went to sleep. The book focused on the story of Nicki Fleming a girl whose mom was a Service Dog trainer that could not train the dog she was about to receive because she was pregnant with twins, so Nicki takes on the challenge. One night my mom closed the book and said “Hey don’t you think a dog like that may be good for you,” and that was the day I started looking for a wonder-dog.

Since then to the present day I have received 10 rejection letters from organizations that place Service Dogs. They all said I was not eligible because I could walk, talk, and do stuff other applicants didn’t do. I never lost hope letter after letter I always believed I was going to find someone who was going to change my life by giving me a very special dog. I like to believe that Liam (my service dog in training) from heaven made things work for me to get in touch with Jacque and Dave Reynolds who gave me Liam, and Laurie king who is Liam’s trainer.

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