UPDATE 1: Gabby Jack Ranch is no longer doing business under Canine Service Connection, a non-profit corporation . Now operating as a Sole Proprietorship, Gabby Jack Ranch expansion programs are exciting! Watch our announcements for:

  • Puppy Nursery
  • Real World Dog Training; companion dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, facility dogs and a special program for dog breeders
  • Facility improvements
  • Guardianship Opportunities, permanent homes for our breeding dogs
  • Foster programs for temporary puppy care
  • Education programs for dog breeders and dog trainers
  • Puppy petting programs


UPDATE 2: Puppy prices are increasing. The litter expected to be delivered on July 7, 2016 will be sold at our current price of $2200. Future litters will be $2500 per puppy. Gabby Jack Ranch puppies are the best of the best and our increased pricing helps us to create even more advantages for Gabby Jack Ranch puppy owners! As responsible dog breeders and people who are deeply devoted to the care and treatment of our dogs, we are organizing unique programs and plans for all Gabby Jack Ranch dogs, puppies and human families.

  • Education
  • Support
  • Supplies
  • Insurance
  • Safe Puppy Program
  • Dog Law, Service Dog legal support

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