The Homefront Dogs Program is intended to help eligible veterans by placing a puppy with returning US veterans; the veteran will then attend weekly training classes to teach his/her puppy to adjust to civilian life and mitigate the effects of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). This training will enable the veteran to enjoy more time as a civilian as he/she relies on the service dog to help navigate through difficult situations.

Veterans who want to train their own dogs are welcome to apply for the service dog training classes. We do not offer fully trained service dogs.

Upon acceptance into the program, all applicants must pay a Program Setup Assessment (fee) of $500, even those who qualify for donated/discounted dogs and services. This fee helps the Gabby Jack Ranch pay the fixed expenses related to our program. (Payments can be arranged, if necessary.) Thereafter, the remaining costs will be covered by scholarships, pending available funding.

The service dog placement and training program is available to any U.S. Combat Veteran who has been diagnosed with PTSD, no matter how long the veteran has been home.

For an application please submit the contact form (in the main menu above) and one will be sent to you. We require that you submit an application before we are able to answer your questions about available puppies and timelines.

Some restrictions apply. Participants will be required to provide us with data and to help us assess and track the joy and benefits of owning a Service Dog.

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