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We are always watching for wonderful families to be guardians for our breeding dogs. It is important that we raise our dogs in a loving home environment, not in a kennel. We want all of our dogs to enjoy the love and devotion of having their very own families.

The benefit for you, should you be selected for a guardian dog, is that you would receive a top quality Doodle, free of charge, from the Gabby Jack Ranch!

Our Guardians are selected based on application, interview and home visits. Once approved, we will select a puppy or older dog for you (the selection is up to Gabby Jack Ranch) and once the puppy is placed with you, you are required to follow our guidelines for grooming and general care for the duration of the guardianship contract, typically 5 years. Once the term is completed the dog will be spayed or neutered and given to you. For the duration of the 5  year contract, you must live within 60 miles of Penn Valley, CA. unless special approval is granted.

There may be a waiting period for a guardian opportunity.

During the guardianship program, there will be important things that you must do; you must stay in touch with Gabby Jack Ranch and send an email with pictures at least once every month. You must check with us before grooming the dog to be sure that we are not planning photos or other marketing events.

You will be required to train and socialize the dog. It is very important that the dog is able to make a good impression on prospective puppy families when they meet the parent dogs.

You will treat the dog as your own and, under our guidance, arrange and pay for any vet care, grooming, food/treats, vaccinations, beds, toys, etc.

We pay for and arrange any breeding related expenses and testing.

If you are interested in becoming a guardian, please send a contact form (found in the menu above) to us and we will send an application and details to you. You may also send an email to to request a guardianship application.

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