How do I donate to Gabby Jack Ranch?

Gabby Jack Ranch is no longer part of Canine Service Connection, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit. Therefore, we no longer solicit, request or accept funds as tax exemption donations.

I want to donate to a specific person to help them get or train a service dog, may I do that?

So long as you understand that we are NOT a charity or non-profit organization, you may help individuals pay for their puppy or dog training by submitting a gift on their behalf. Your payment may be directed as a gift for a specific person or as an unspecified gift but these funds are not tax deductible and unless directed for a specific individual, would be placed into a fund for qualified applicants. You may contact us and we will give you a PayPal link for payments, together with specific instructions regarding your planned gift.


Do you sell puppies for service or therapy dog training?

Yes! In fact, if you buy a puppy from Gabby Jack Ranch for training as a service or therapy dog you get a puppy that has been breed and shaped specifically for this type of teamwork. Because all of our puppies are raised in this kindergarten program, our puppies sold to families as pets will also have the health, environment, temperament and personality that our service dog selected puppies have.

Do you sell puppies as pets?

Yes! We sell puppies from our Gabby Jack Ranch litters as pets  Raised in the same home and environment as our service and therapy dog puppies, your puppy is nurtured in exactly the same way so you can depend on getting a puppy that is ready to learn and already happily enjoying life with humans!

Do I get to select my puppy?

Gabby Jack Ranch works with you to select a family companion puppy that is right for your family. We review your application and look for a puppy that matches your “wish list” as well as your family dynamics. If you are looking for a service dog puppy or a therapy dog puppy, we take that into consideration and select only the most promising puppies for training. We expertly match puppies to the right families. Once we have one or more puppies that match your family then we give you the option of selecting from that list of puppies. We are ready to introduce you to your puppy, via Skype video conferencing and you will get to know your puppy through regular video cuddle time! Your service or therapy dog puppy may be selected by Gabby Jack Ranch and placed with you based solely on our selection criteria.

When I buy a puppy from Gabby Jack Ranch, is it trained and housebroken?

We spend the first 8 weeks with your puppy and we work on many things; we teach her all about life with humans and we introduce her to training concepts and rewards. This makes training much easier because your puppy understands that certain behavior will get rewards and she will work very hard to understand what you want of her so that she will get the reward. We teach puppies that humans will touch their ticklish feet, their ears, eyes, mouth and nose. She will know that when humans remove something from her mouth, they will give her something else so she doesn’t need to fuss. She will be taught that there are lots of scary things in the world but that her human is there to protect her so she learns to trust you and to expect love, patience and instruction. Your puppy will be used to going to potty in a certain area (but won’t be housebroken) and she will be comfortable in crates. She will have a good start in life, with lots of new experiences and she will be eager to explore the world with you, her forever family.

Why do you breed and sell Labradoodles, Goldendoodles and Double Doodles?

In 2002 Jacque and Dave Reynolds were looking for an allergy-friendly home companion when they first heard about Labradoodles. After much research they purchased their first two (first generation) Labradoodle puppies in 2004 from a breeder connected and certified with a well-known Guide Dog program. In exchange for breeding rights, Jacque and Dave promised to donate one puppy from the first litter of each female. After placing puppies from their first litters with a variety of disabled children and adults, it became clear that this breed is not only excellent family companion dogs but they are uniquely qualified for service and therapy dog teams. Placement after placement confirmed this, and the Gabby Jack Ranch program began to take form. Doodles are extremely social and sensitive dogs and they are excellent partners for people suffering from “invisible” disabilities. Their innate talent for service work coupled with their low-shedding coats and friendly demeanor proved to be the right combination. Gabby Jack Ranch was founded, specifically, to prove that carefully selected and well-bred Labradoodles and Goldendoodles consistently produce superior service and therapy dogs as well as gentle, loving home companions.

Gabby Jack Ranch enjoys a very high success rate when training Gabby Jack Ranch puppies! It is a winning combination because we take great lengths to select breeding dogs that are from long lines of service or therapy dogs. Temperament, health, personality and soundness are priorities with Gabby Jack Ranch!

What is the difference between Labradoodle, Goldendoodle and Double Doodle (North American Retriever, NAR)?

There are various generations of Labradoodles, Goldendoodles and North American Retrievers (Double Doodles) and sometimes it is confusing to understand the different terms and generations discussed by breeders. Sometimes breeders try to “sell you” on a certain generation as being superior for coat quality, less shedding or “hypo-allergenic”. The truth is that every puppy is an individual and it takes an experienced and watchful breeder to help you decide which is best for your family. Gabby Jack Ranch founded our own lines in 2004 and has been perfecting the breed, generation by generation since that early generation beginning. We understand our dogs, our puppies and your expectations.

* F1 is the cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Poodle.
* F1B is the most commonly sold Labradoodle from North American Labradoodle breeding programs. F1B is a second generation (F2) consisting of an F1 Labradoodle bred back to a Poodle. F2 Labradoodles may also be an F1 Labradoodle bred to any other generation of Labradoodle, from F1 to Multigen.
* Multigen Labradoodle is a term used to describe a more advanced number of pairing Labradoodle to Labradoodle; usually F1B bred to F1B or higher. An F3 is considered Multigen by some breeders.
* Australian Multigen Labradoodle refers to a particular breed of Labradoodle that can be directly traced back to the original lines produced from Australian breeders (Rutland Manor or Tegan Park). These lines have up to 6 breeds of dogs infused into their lines. It is not uncommon to get mostly Poodle DNA in Australian Multigen Labradoodles when owners run DNA tests to find out the breed that is in their mixed breed dogs. The DNA testing is not an exact science and will only identify one or two breeds so all of the breeds infused into the line may  not show up in this testing. Most breeders will give you a pedigree where you can trace your puppy to identify the parent breeds. Many breeders reserve the pedigree for those who have proof that the dog has been spayed or neutered. This is required because pet dogs are not sold with breeding rights and this is one method of ensuring that the puppy will not be bred.

* F1 is the first mating of a Golden Retriever to Poodle
* The most common Goldendoodle breeding is F1B generation which is a mating of an F1 Goldendoodle back to a Poodle.
* Multigen is any two Goldendoodles bred together.

* The first mating of a Goldendoodle to a Labradoodle (of any generation) creates an F1 North American Retriever (NAR), affectionately called a “Double Doodle”.
* NARs may be bred back to any of the parent breeds in subsequent breeding; NAR to Labradoodle, NAR to Goldendoodle and even, at times, NAR to Poodles. Most commonly, NARs are produced by breeding F1 or F1B Labradoodles to F1 or F1B Goldendoodles.

* Since “Doodle” breeds are still being developed, breeders select certain recognized combinations to “perfect the breed”. In the programs of skillful breeders, these combinations are carefully chosen to enhance particular traits. Gabby Jack Ranch takes our most temperamentally sound and healthy breeding dogs and mates them with new, equally sound, bloodlines from other reputable breeders in order to create excellent dogs for home companions and service or therapy dogs. We do not line cross breed or line breed related dogs. If there is a related dog in the pedigree, it will be found quite far back in the pedigree.
* Do not assume that ALL Doodles are the same; they are not. Because of the infancy of the Doodle breed, many uneducated and inexperienced breeders are trying their hand at “designer breeds”, to the detriment of dogs in general and to the Doodle breeds. People all over the country are creating Doodles from untested parents. Puppy mills are especially interested in Doodles because of the high price-tag of quality bred Doodles.

Gabby Jack Ranch is working on the creation of a Professional Network of breeders and other dog professionals. It is a slow process and has not yet been published. There are a few respected organizations for Doodle breeders but there are many highly respected and honorable breeders who choose not to belong to an organization. Please find the booklet posted on the About section of our web site, on the right hand column. There are two booklets, one for people who want to find a good breeder and one for people who want to become dog breeders. You will find very good information in those booklets. They were written some time ago so links may no longer be active but the information is still applicable today.

* When we finish our Professional Network and publish the information, we encourage you to look at the breeders from our Professional Network because these breeders have a strong history for quality breeding practices and they match the core values of Gabby Jack Ranch. At this time, we only accept approved dogs from the following breeds: Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Poodle, Cattle Dogs, Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, North American Retrievers (affectionately called “Double Doodles”)

“DOUBLE DOODLES” Why does Gabby Jack Ranch breed North American Retrievers (NARs or “Double Doodles”)?

For several decades, service and guide dog programs used their own breeding dogs to mix Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers. What they discovered was that these two complementary breeds combined to produce puppies that excel in service and therapy work. Gabby Jack Ranch studied this new breed carefully and decided to follow the direction of a few “Doodle” breeders who were pairing Labradoodles to Goldendoodles. The offspring from this pairing tends to have consistently excellent temperaments and personalities and their coat quality is often quite desirable. Our Double Doodle families have been delighted with this new breed and Gabby Jack Ranch intends to continue to produce and provide this excellent combination breed. It is important to understand, however, that Gabby Jack Ranch selects the parent dogs carefully and matches the breeding pair to produce the best possible puppies. We do not breed for specific Doodle names but for the quality of the resulting puppies. We encourage you to look for a Doodle from health tested parents and from a breeder who has been perfecting their lines over many years. Newer breeders are often mentored by more experienced breeders and this is a sign of a good quality breeding program.

If I want to buy a different breed for my service dog, may I still use the Gabby Jack Ranch programs?

Yes! We encourage you to consider the following breeds: Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Poodle, Cattle Dog, Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, or Double Doodle. It is important that the general public feel comfortable around your service dog, therefore, we do not train breeds that are bred for guard, attack or fighting. We understand that all dog breeds can be gentle, sweet dogs but since you will be integrating into your community we believe that it is important to select and train a breed of dog that is more commonly considered as non-threatening to others who might have fear of dogs. We hope that you will be sensitive to this important consideration too, please don’t ask us to make exceptions. We accept the breeds listed above only.

Is it better to get a male or female?

This is a common question and the simple answer is that it really does not make a big difference in personality, temperament or habits IF you spay/neuter the puppy before he/she reaches maturity. Doodles are generally gentle and sweet natured dogs. Because Gabby Jack Ranch selects breeding pairs based on personality and temperament, the puppy’s gender (sex) doesn’t have a significant impact on the ultimate suitability of the puppy for any given environment. This may not be true for other breeds. Always look at the breed you are working with and find out what they were bred to do. If they are bred to be fighting dogs or even guard dogs, herding dogs, etc. the adult dog may have traits that are not wanted in a service dog. These traits may make your fully trained service dog puppy no longer qualified to work as a service dog. Choose your dog very carefully with the long term health, temperament and personality in mind.


Do you train the dog for me?

No. There are many service dog programs that provide dogs already trained but the wait list is very long and many very good dogs do not make it through the programs. Gabby Jack Ranch was created to offer another way for you to get a service dog. Our program is ideal for the person who 1) has the physical ability to handle a puppy or dog, 2) wants to bond with their puppy, 3) is excited and eager to train their own service dog, 4) is willing to put in the hard work, time and commitment necessary to succeed, and 5) wants to learn dog training skills from expert trainers so that they can continue to train their dog when life circumstances change.

If you are looking for a fully trained service dog or for a dog to be donated to you for training in a different program, please do not apply to the Gabby Jack Ranch; we do not offer trained dogs and we provide puppies to our program only. Gabby Jack Ranch will sell a puppy for training in one of these programs so long as the program is completely positive reinforcement training. We do NOT condone punishment training techniques or leash popping, prong, electric or choke collars or alpha dog techniques. Clicker training is our prefered training method and we have had the most success with this type of training. If you select a good dog and you train the dog well, you will have no need for aggressive or punishment techniques.

Gabby Jack Ranch provides affordable, high-quality puppies AND expert training targeted to meet your personal goals. We work with you to design a training program that will be best suited for you and for your dog.

May I train my own dog for service or therapy dog teamwork?

So long as your dog passes the temperament testing and basic obedience skills required for advanced service or therapy dog training, you may train your own dog through Gabby Jack Ranch’s program. Your dog or puppy must be evaluated for participation. Self-training programs take a lot of discipline, dedication and time. You will be required to work with your dog several times every day in order to perfect the assignments and advance to the next level.

Please remember, however, that we do not encourage (and, therefore, may not accept) dog breeds that are perceived by the public as being threatening or frightening. We encourage only Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Poodles, Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, North American Retrievers (Double Doodles) and cattle dogs.

Do I have to train my puppy?

If you want your puppy to become a well-behaved member of your family, you will need to train her. Puppy classes are a lot of fun for owners and puppies alike! We do not sell puppies to families who will not take the time necessary to teach their puppy how to be a well behaved member of their family and community. If you do not plan to train your puppy, please either get a dog that has already been trained or wait until you have more time and intention to follow through with training. Poorly trained dogs end up in shelters more often that well trained dogs. Please make a commitment to your dog and make sure that he becomes a good citizen and a joy to be around.

If I don’t want to train my puppy will you charge me less?

Our pet puppy price is $2500 (all prices are subject to change) and training is extra. We believe that it is critical to the best interests of your family and your puppy to understand training and to teach your puppy good manners. We expect that, since you are looking at our puppies, you are interested in only the best and we certainly believe that the training classes are a value added bonus!

Do you offer advanced classes for service dog for children with autism?

Sometimes. We do, however, require that the dog training be taught to a parent, guardian or puppy raiser. Because our classes are in groups and because each child with autism is unique, it is very difficult to teach every child with autism how to train a service dog. If a parent wishes to take our classes for service dog training, we may be able to arrange it but we would evaluate the circumstances on a case by case basis.

What if I want to become a professional dog trainer?

Gabby Jack Ranch Real World Dog training program will soon be developed for people who want to become professional dog trainers. Please check back for the announcement of available training.


May I visit Gabby Jack Ranch?

Only clients who have paid a deposit to reserve a puppy will be granted access to meet our dogs or our puppies. Gabby Jack Ranch is not a commercial property, it is our home. As you can imagine, many people wish to visit now that Gabby Jack Ranch is more recognizable. We are no longer able to accommodate routine home visits. We may host an open house for our clients from time to time and we have many references available. We will make reasonable arrangements for you under certain circumstances, on a case by case basis. We enjoy chatting with you via Skype video conference and during those times you can “meet” your puppy or the parent dogs, when the parents are available. Although deposits are generally non-refundable if you change your mind, if the time comes that you get to meet our dogs or puppies and you do not feel that they are a good match for your family, based on temperament (not color, size or coat type) and we did not expect a suitable puppy for you within 12 months, then we would refund your deposit.

Will you send someone to speak at our event or program?

Yes! We are happy to speak at functions and to participate in organized events! It is very important to Gabby Jack Ranch that our communities and local companies support people with disabilities by welcoming service dog team into their businesses.

Do you board dogs?

No. If you need someone to care for your dog you will be required to select a boarding facility unless you have family or friends who will care for your dog while you are away. You should always have an alternative plan to care for your dog in the event of an emergency so we suggest that you develop a relationship with a boarding facility even when you have family or friends who agree to take your dog. If you are not able to pick up your puppy on the date that he or she is available, you will be charged a daily boarding and care fee for any time up to two weeks. If you cannot get your puppy by that time, he or she will be released to another family and your deposit will be transferred to the next available litter.

Do you offer free dogs and/or training for people of low income?

No. We are no longer a non-profit corporation and we do not have available funding for donated or discounted puppies or training.

I want to ask questions before I apply, will you call me?

We understand that your time is valuable and that it is sometimes more expedient to speak to us personally. However, we get many requests daily and we have tried to anticipate your questions. Most of your questions will be answered by the information available on this web site or on our facebook page. Please read the available information before requesting a personal phone call. Because our program is driven by carefully matching puppies to families, we use the information from your submitted application to consider whether or not our program or our puppies are right for your family needs. Your circumstances will determine the answers to some of the questions that come up. Please submit an application as a first step in this process, we will gladly contact you after we review this submitted information.