This is an amazing update about Ezra who, as a young toddler, received a Gabby Jack Ranch service dog named Yazzie. Ezra continues to amaze and inspire us and I am sure that you will be inspired by Ezra too!

Two-year-old Ezra was born limb-deficient. He had already successfully weathered many medical procedures preparing him for his next big challenge; to fly to NYC where surgeons would attach one of his toes to Ezra’s hand.

Ezra’s mother, in her concern for Ezra’s emotional needs as well as those physical, sought out Jacque Reynolds because she had heard that, as a dog breeder, Jacque often donated dogs to special needs children. Coincidentally, at the same time Jacque was looking to place Yazmin, a service-trained adult Labradoodle. Within three weeks Yazmin and Ezra arrived at Boston’s Children Hospital where hospital staff celebrated the unique and very non-traditional ways that Yazmin’s presence facilitated Ezra’s recovery.

Ezra is the reason that the Gabby Jack Ranch was founded; Ezra and other disabled and special needs individuals have received canine companions from Jacque and many others are seeking dogs to train. Traditional service and guide dog organizations often disqualify people like Ezra because of age or because of the nature of his disability. Even when a client does qualify for these programs, costs, training protocol and wait lists are prohibitive.

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