Two remaining F1B mini Goldendoodle puppies! Will be small, under 40 lbs. One male, black with adorable button eyes and a very loving personality. This boy enjoys cuddling so much! His name is Night Rider, we call him Rider. The other available puppy is a beautiful, sable female. She was born totally black and we noticed small patches of tan showing through, then she started to get a light silver undercoat with tan highlights, I wish that her photos showed how beautiful she really is but her photos don’t do her justice. She will continue to change in color as she ages, likely getting much lighter. This is a very unusual color for a Doodle, especially a Goldendoodle. Her name is Ash Leigh and she is also a very loving girl. She is a bit more independent than her brother, she can find things to entertain herself before she rushes in for her cuddles. Both of these puppies are absolutely lovely! I have kept them longer than I had planned because I wanted to evaluate their temperaments and I am glad that I did. They are very nice pups and I don’t hesitate to place them into loving, patient homes.

Born on March, 28, 2015, currently they are 15 weeks old (as of June 29) and they are ready for their forever homes now. Both puppies are low to non shedding. These pups can be slightly timid of new things but adjust quickly and face their fears with caution, at first, then with confidence. You will want to introduce them to new things gradually and with patience and kindness. The way you introduce the pups to new things and the ways that you socialized them will make all the difference in the adult dog that they will become.

We are discounting them to $1500 each. They are by no means inferrior puppies, so take advantage of our discount if you have always wanted an excellent Doodle puppy bred from high quality practices. This opportunity won’t come along often! They are sensitive and so very sweet.

Contact us at for an application. Puppies held only upon receipt of deposit.

Training classes available in Carmichaael California, please consider joining these fun puppy classes with your new pup if you live in the Sacramento area!


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