Thank you for your interest in a Gabby Jack Ranch puppy and/or training program!

Puppy Trip

Gabby Jack Ranch’s thoughtful breeding program includes carefully selecting parent dogs that have been health tested and chosen for their temperaments, intelligence, personalities, and often low to non-shedding qualities. Whether you are looking for a home companion (pet), or a puppy to train for service, facility or therapy work, we make the process of selecting a puppy fun for you and your puppy!

Our belief is that people are perfectly capable of training their own dog; so long as they have the desire, the right tools, and personal commitment. We have witnessed the unbelievable ways that participating in training their own service dogs, with disabilities not only teach their service dog skills and behavior but they gain confidence when they recognize that they not only completed the training, they learned how to interact and communicate with their dog and other people. Lives become a little easier and much happier for our clients when they train their own dogs!Ariel and Dee

We provide an excellent puppy; one that is born and raised in a home environment that compliments the human and animal relationship. Your puppy companion is prepared to be trained. Your skills and ability, as a trainer, are important to your puppy’s success. Gabby Jack Ranch helps you develop a program and identifies skills but you must be committed to work very hard because your puppy’s achievement depends on your dedication. Dog training is a demanding program and it is not for everyone; but if you have the passion, desire, patience, kindness and commitment you will be amazed at the remarkable life changes awaiting you!

Please understand that we are offering you an intelligent, sensitive, educable puppy, carefully nurtured and raised to be a loving companion. Your puppy has been uniquely socialized to approach new things with confidence. We make no promises that your puppy will learn or excel in any training program, learning tasks or adjust to his/her environment. Nor do we claim that (s)he will be free from training challenges. Clearly, any puppy, especially sensitive, intelligent ones, must have respect and kind, systematic guidance. The success of your puppy will depend on your relationship to the pup; the training protocol you select and the efforts you make to understand your puppy and improve your communication skills.


Gabby Jack Ranch believes that early matching (puppy to human) is a critical step, leading to early puppy placement with the client. By placing puppies with their intended human partner at an early age, the important human-animal bonding process is nurtured.

We believe that bonding is the foundation to a lasting partnership with your puppy. But not all people are ready for the responsibility of training a small puppy.

Since we place puppies, rather than fully trained adult dogs, our clients sometimes require the assistance of a facilitator or puppy raiser to help train their puppy for a few months. We do not provide facilitators but once the client selects a facilitator, we provide you and your facilitator with the tools, training program and support necessary to assist in a positive, structured way, helping you raise your puppy. Your facilitator must live in close proximity to you so that you will have daily contact with your puppy.

Gabby Jack Ranch dogs, because of their sensitive nature and our puppy program, are well suited to helping individuals with physical, mental and emotional (invisible) disabilities. They are excellent companions and often they sense oncoming “events” such as seizures, low blood sugar, etc. Not every dog is capable of such awareness and this ability takes time to develop and to recognize.IMG_4027

Skills and instincts that a dog needs in order to become “alert” dogs are not always part of the natural ability for every dog. If your pup does react to an event, then it is up to you to train him to appropriately respond to the event. If your dog does not “sense” an oncoming event (which still may happen over time), then the best you can do is to train him to comfort you or get help when an event occurs. Only time, understanding and communication with your dog will tell if your puppy has the ability to sense and alert you to an event. Medical alert skills do not fall only to the puppy; you must be invested in learning how to communicate with your dog. Otherwise, you dog may be alerting and you could be missing it!

Gabby Jack Ranch dogs are NOT to be used as guard dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs, police dogs, or any other job that would put the dog at risk. We do not release our puppies for programs where their physical or emotional safety will be at risk. We will select our puppy homes as carefully as you work to select the right puppy.


Gabby Jack Ranch dogs are sensitive and enjoy being with their human families. Therefore, they do not thrive if left alone for long periods or if they are locked away in a kennel or crate for more than 2 hours at a time. (Crate training for short periods, 2 hours or less, is encouraged.) These dogs are provided to you as companions. We require that your puppy be housed with you, that he/she is cared for, and accepted as part of your family. While our puppies enjoy playing and exercising outdoors, they are not outdoor dogs and should not be kept in a dog run, a zip line, a tie-down, garage, basement or kennel.

We promote communication between canine-human partners because it is through communication that training becomes more instinctive, natural and pleasant. We encourage our clients to observe their puppies and pay attention, soon you will recognize, interpret and use non-verbal signals.

Gabby Jack Ranch values the natural instincts of our dogs; we recommend tempering these instincts only when necessary for comfort or safety and for the dog’s acceptance within the public domain. You will find that Gabby Jack Ranch’s Real World Dog Training is very different from other programs you have studied. Because we have a unique living situation with our dogs, we have a unique understanding of the individuality of dogs and we promote respect for their safety and care.close up rs


WE DO SELL PET PUPPIES! If you would like a pet puppy, please submit an application; upon approval, you will be contacted and be involved in the selection process. Your pet puppy will be raised in an identical environment as the service and therapy dog puppies!

It is very important that you understand that if you are looking for a service dog or therapy dog we select your Gabby Jack Ranch puppy based on our expert matching criteria and that you may not request a certain breed, color, coat type or gender. If, however, any placement is not a good fit, we require that the puppy (or adult dog) be returned to the Gabby Jack Ranch for re-homing or placement. You are not allowed to sell or re-home your Gabby Jack Ranch dog without our written consent. Under no circumstance should you abandon your dog to a shelter or rescue. We no longer offer free puppies to people or programs. Please plan to pay full price for one of our puppies.

You are not allowed to breed your Gabby Jack Ranch dog. Every puppy must be spayed, neutered or otherwise surgically sterilized by the time she/he reaches 6 months of age.

Gabby Jack Ranch is committed to documenting the impact that our dogs have on people with disabilities and for veterans of war who are reintegrating into civilian life. To this end, we ask you to complete periodic reports or assessments (these will be kept strictly confidential). We also ask that you keep in touch with us and let us know how things are going for you and your Gabby Jack Ranch dog.

Finally, we provide dogs to be trained according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and we acknowledge that various states and local governments may require specific documentation, training or behavior in order for you to claim that your companion is a service or assistance dog. We advise you to study the federal ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), specifically related to service dogs, and to become aware of your state and local regulations. The ADA is far less restrictive than some state and local laws and it is up to you to interpret their meaning as it relates to your circumstances.

We welcome your questions but we ask that you first read through the materials provided because we believe that many of your questions will be answered in the information packet.

Visitor Policy

Families often ask to visit Gabby Jack Ranch and meet our dogs. There is no easy response to this request because we understand your desire to see, first hand, where our dogs are housed and how they are cared for. We know that you would like to meet the puppies and their parents before you bring one home to become part of your families.Bogie's new friend in the mirror

We are very cautious about the health of our puppies and visitation is regulated. Every visitor has the potential to bring some form of bacteria or virus that might threaten our young puppies. We are particularly concerned about the deadly Parvovirus.

With these things in mind, we have tried to incorporate a policy that addresses your desire to visit while still complying with our insurance limitations and protecting our precious puppies from life-threatening disease.

If you have placed a deposit on a puppy, you will be allowed to meet that puppy at some point before you bring him home. The puppies will have to be at least seven weeks old to ensure that they have some immunity to disease and access will be very carefully limited.

We will certainly provide pictures, information and references. We will set up a webcam so that you are able to see your puppy in real time and see how your puppy interacts with us.

If you wish to meet one of the adult dogs, we may be able to arrange to meet you at a convenient location. Not all of our guardian dogs are available for you to meet as they belong to families and are taken on vacations or the families have conflict with schedule times but we do try to schedule a time for you to meet.

Our dogs live in the same home as our family or they live with guardian families. They are not kept in kennels or commercial facilities. They enjoy temperature control, human and canine interaction, constant attention and supervision. Our adult dogs and puppies have routine vet care, worming, vaccinations and wellness checkups.

While they are housed with our family, they also run free and enjoy 8 acres of property where they romp with the other dogs and experience nature. Our dogs are given free access to the home and property and they come and go at will. We use crates to confine them only during training and when necessary for their safety and well-being and only for brief periods.

Many of our breeding dogs live with families in guardian homes. These homes provide the dog with personal love and attention and allow our program to grow while still giving our dogs the benefit of being raised in a home, in personal family units.Leo in shirt

Gabby Jack Ranch dogs live “in the real world” and are not always coiffed and quiet, they get plenty of exercise, they play and dig in dirt and grasses; they chase each other, run after toys and play ball. They bark when strangers come to our home or drive along the road near their play area. They cuddle on the bed with us at night.

Shipping Policy

We prefer that you pick up your puppy because we want to instruct you before you leave with your puppy. We will arrange various delivery options, when desired, but we do not ship puppies via air freight. If you are out of state, we encourage you to fly in to pick up your puppy and take him home with you in the cabin or we will deliver him to you by flying with him in the cabin. The fee for us to deliver him/her via air travel is the cost of airline ticket plus necessary expenses for crates, health certificates, etc. We will drive to deliver your puppy or meet you part way if you wish to drive. We charge for gas, lodging (when we travel more than 5 hours one way) and a fee of $100-300, depending on distance. We may consider ground transportation through a pet transport company. If you are unable to pick up your puppy or take delivery on the date that the puppy is released to you, we will charge you a boarding fee for each day beyond the release date. Please plan accordingly.

Size and Breed Type

We breed standard and small standard sized (no miniatures at this time) Labradoodles, Goldendoodles and North American Retrievers (Labradoodle and Goldendoodle cross, affectionately called “Double Doodles”.) Our puppies are generally F3 generation or higher. At maturity, our dogs range in size between 25 and 40 lbs OR 45-65 lbs., depending on the parent sizes.

Careful Selection of Breeding Stock

Our parent (breeding) dogs are carefully selected from puppies that we actually raise so we know their personalities and their strengths very well. Our goal is to produce the most healthy, intelligent, loving puppies possible and to shape them and prepare them to become service dogs, therapy dogs or home companions. This means that our home companion puppies are raised with the same commitment for excellence as our service dog candidate puppies and are very well suited for family pets!puppies_1

The selection criteria that determine whether or not a puppy is sold as a home companion or as a service dog is based entirely on documented disability qualification, sensitive matching criteria, and professional assessment.

Our Dogs Live in Our Home [or in a Guardian Home]

Our adult dogs are raised in loving, nurturing home environments and they get appropriate veterinary care throughout their lives.

Our puppies are born at home and reared under constant love and personal attention.

Puppies are carefully socialized and receive age-appropriate training to prepare them for their exciting new lives.

Gabby Jack Ranch uses Puppy Nursery and Puppy Preschool programs that create an environment for teaching puppies as a group and individually. These puppies are shaped every day (from the time they are born) to accept human influence, to enjoy human touch, and to understand that humans are an important and enjoyable part of their lives. Our focus is more on life skills and socialization and not obedience training. When the puppy is 8 weeks of age, that is a good time to begin obedience training.

Love and Respect

Please do not expect too much of your puppy at first. Let him learn about his new environment in a comfortable, loving way. There is plenty of time to train a dog but you only have a few precious weeks of puppy hood where you can nurture and enjoy these remarkable beings. Each puppy is respected, as an individual. Their special talents are explored and some of their instincts are tempered, when appropriate, so that they will adjust well into their new role as human companions. Your puppy will begin by observing and paying attention to you. This is a big deal! Teach with patience, love and understanding and you will be successful in no time!Ezra-150x150

We are very attached to our animals and we will only place puppies into homes where the puppies are treated with respect, love and appreciation. We do NOT approve of negative training devices (choke collars, prong collars, electronic shock collars or fences, alpha-rolling, punishment, “popping” the leash, etc.) We will show you how to teach your puppy through patience, understanding and kindness. The results are amazing!

Health Testing

Our parent dogs are health tested to rule out Hip Dysplasia (tested through PennHip.)  At the time of the PennHip exam, our vet also examines the dog’s elbows and patellas and provides a general physical examination.

We conduct DNA testing for genetic health, including von Willebrand’s disease (a common bleeding disorder), PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) and PRCD (progressive rod-cone degeneration), diseases that affect vision and could cause blindness. When genetic markers are identified for canine disease, we add those tests to our protocol. Adult dogs may also receive periodic CERF (eye) examinations.

Our veterinarian conducts examinations and testing for sound general health as well as checking the pup’s heart and thyroid.

We only breed dogs that we consider to be in good or excellent health and those who possess the temperament and intelligence that we set as our standard for service quality dogs.

It is important to note that puppies are subject to naturally occurring health issues. Please see our contract for warranty terms and conditions regarding genetic health and puppy wellness. Please study the vaccination protocol named below. Dr. Jean Dodds has created the protocol and we expect that you will follow it. If you choose to vaccinate in a way contrary to Dr. Dodds’ protocol, you may be limiting or even voiding some terms of the health warranty for your puppy.more outside 7.5.12 002

Puppy Medical History

Our puppies may be examined by our veterinarian at least once before they are placed. They receive routine, age-appropriate vaccinations and worming.

Puppies are observed for any potential health issues and receive immediate, appropriate care. You will receive a complete medical history of your puppy so that your vet will be informed and able to continue with recommended care.

Our puppies come to you with a short term well puppy warranty and a full two-year genetic health warranty. Spay/neuter/surgical sterilization is required. Please see the contract for details.

We have adopted the vaccination policy of Dr. Jean Dodds and ask you to do the same. Over vaccination is known to cause some health issues and is suspected in many others. Please review the most current approved vaccination protocol to ensure that your dog is protected by proper vaccines and against improper ones.

If our puppies go to the vet for routine exams or surgery, we have microchips implanted into the dog; if they do not, it is the responsibility of the new owner to have their puppy micro-chipped. The new owner must then submit registration with the microchip company in order to activate the coverage. We ask that you list Gabby Jack Ranch as a secondary contact in case your dog is ever lost or picked up by animal control.

Puppy Training Begins Early

When you adopt a Gabby Jack Ranch puppy you receive a quality puppy, raised in a uniquely adapted program to enhance your puppy’s response to positive training methods. Using clicker training techniques, we begin to teach your puppy about offering desired behavior and recognizing immediate markers (click) for that behavior.

We do not approve the methods of Cesar Milan or any other trainer using choke collars, prong collars, electronic methods or alpha-roll methods. These methods are not necessary and can be harmful to your puppy. Never train your puppy when you are angry!

While your puppy will not be completely trained when you welcome her/him into your home, (s)he will be familiar with the concepts of good behavior, crate training, and clicker training.

Your puppy will be handled regularly and will be taught the basic concepts of examinations and grooming. We handle their feet, ears, mouth, and their entire bodies so that they will be used to being examined and groomed. They will have had at least two baths and will have their teeth brushed and nails clipped.

With your continued attention to training and handling, your new puppy will soon become a well-adjusted, happy adult companion.

Penny Lane, St. Patrick's DayPuppy Packet and Goodies

  • Blanket with Mother’s scent
  • 7+ lb. bag of high quality dog food
  • Booklet
  • ID tag
  • Collar
  • Leash
  • New toy
  • Treats
  • Chewies
  • Toothbrush
  • Instructions
  • Health information (and medical records)
  • Training information
  • Microchip, when available
  • Harness (halter), available upon request if you are traveling with your puppy
  • Support
  • Health warranties (short term and long term)
  • Regular e-mail notices and pictures of growing puppy family while you wait for your puppy


Micro-chipping is extremely important so that your puppy is permanently identified and registered. Therefore, we will discuss micro-chipping options with you. We highly recommend that, in addition to micro-chipping your puppy, you place a collar or tag on the puppy with your phone number (keep it updated) so that if your puppy is lost someone can call you right away. Not everyone will think to have a microchip scanned when they find a puppy so this extra precaution may quickly get your puppy returned to you. A tag alone is not enough, the tag may be lost or removed so micro-chipping together with a tag is a good safeguard.


While we work with your puppy to learn about walking on leash, a puppy may become frightened and slip out of their collars, running away or becoming otherwise injured. We encourage you to use halters (harnesses) until you are certain that your puppy will not attempt to pull free of the collar. Do not expect your puppy to walk beside you until you have worked with him for months! Puppies quickly bolt and run after things that catch their eye. Keep your puppy safe by keeping him securely leashed.working 2, resized

Never leave your puppy or dog locked in a car. Never; not even for “just a minute”.

We will provide you with information about common dangers to puppies such as, dog aggression, fox tails, toxic plants and toxic foods, common parasites and illness, etc.


We enjoy hearing from you. If you have questions, we are here for you. If you want to share pictures and stories, we are excited to receive them! Our puppy families are encouraged to submit stories and pictures for our blog, we would enjoy getting information about your puppy as he grows up.

Whether you are interested in having a companion dog, service dog, or therapy dog, each puppy is assessed and matched to the unique needs of our clients. Gabby Jack Ranch puppies enjoy a puppy preschool atmosphere and are eager to start their puppy training!

Contact us for information about available puppies!  YES! We do sell pet puppies!