Gabby Jack Ranch, was attending law school in 2004 when she and her husband, Dave, purchased two wonderful Labradoodle puppies. They realized how wonderful these dogs were (and Dave did not suffer from an allergic reaction as he does from other animals) that they decided to start a dog breeding program and donate puppies for training at guide dog organizations. Through this service, they became acutely aware of the need for service, therapy and comfort dogs for people with physical and emotional challenges. Having a brother with a Traumatic Brain Injury and an aunt with Multiple Sclerosis, Jacque understood all too well the demands of disabilities. So, after earning her J.D. degree, she decided to give up her career in law and make it her life’s mission to assist people with disabilities and to promote the use of therapy dogs in the facilities who serve the elderly, those who are sick, or institutionalized, and to ease the impact of personal trauma, or unbearable loneliness.

Possessing a vast amount of experience in analyzing and tackling large complex issues, and being a mother and grandmother, Jacque knew that a one-size fits all approach would not work here. She could see there was a need for a comprehensive program that would allow her to breed and train Companion, Service, and Therapy dogs. So, she founded Canine Service Connection, a non-profit organization devoted to pairing people in need with a partner for life. Because Jacque wanted to focus this business on the joy of canine companionship, the name Gabby Jack Ranch was adopted and registered as a DBA for Canine Service Connection.

After operating as a non-profit corporation for 12 years, Jacque decided to close Canine Service Connection and restructure the program under the name of Gabby Jack Ranch, a sole proprietorship. Gabby Jack Ranch mission and work remains the same and we continue to help people with disabilities to obtain and train service dogs but we no longer request, accept or qualify for tax exempt donations.

Jacque’s knowledge and love for Labradoodles and Goldendoodles led to her immediate success as a breeder. Her dogs proved to be intuitive, intelligent and successful! As a result, breeders and trainers across the county are now joining the Gabby Jack Ranch Professional Network. Under Jacque’s guidance, they are able to provide the same high level of training, support and awareness to people in need in their own communities.

“My husband’s father, Garth, was affectionately known as “Gabby” and my father’s name was Jack. They served our country in WWII; Gabby as a decorated military aviator (Flying Ace) , Jack as a brave Army Infantryman (Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge.) It is our wish to honor them by the work we do; welcome to Gabby Jack Ranch.” – Jacque



To live in a world that understands, assists and encourages people accompanied by well-trained service and therapy dogs in public places.


Our mission is to make Gabby Jack Ranch programs the most innovative and successful dog breeding combined with service and therapy dog training programs available. We accomplish this mission by introducing programs that are modern, effective, and affordable for all qualified dogs and human participants.


Starting in 2004, until 2016, Canine Service Connection, dba Gabby Jack Ranch, presented non-profit programs to reach out to individuals with “invisible” disabilities as well as mobility challenges. We found that our breeding program created puppies uniquely sensitive to unspoken challenges. This sensitivity and their loving nature, warm and welcoming expressions served to fulfill roles of comfort to those who suffer.

Jacque Reynolds is drawn to the philosophy and science of Human-Animal Interaction. Paramount to each of our placements is the importance of careful consideration for the benefit to the client-puppy team. The puppy needs a loving human bond. In turn, the client’s life situation, physical and psychological health will improve as the human-animal connection grows.

At Gabby Jack Ranch, we embrace recent scientific studies that promote animals as emotional, cognitive, sentient beings. Our puppies are raised, nurtured and protected so that they grow up to be confident, sensitive, social members of their families and the communities in which they live.Play time!

We place our puppies in homes where they will be protected and cared for. This creates, in the puppies, a genuine love for human interaction and socialization. They strive to understand their place in the partnership and they excel in their role as service dogs and companions. Using only positive reinforcement, the client is able to focus on training the puppy to efficiently master tasks related specifically to the client’s personal lifestyle. This training builds a foundation which incrementally develops throughout the lifetime of the partners and enables the client to maintain canine skill development as their lives and circumstances change over time.

Our focus is on developing skills that enhance communication between species. We direct clients and help them master positive reinforcement training for their puppy. We instruct our client families so that they will become more aware, watchful and cognizant of the amazing ways that their puppy will communicate with them. In a new twist, beginning in the winter of 2016 Gabby Jack Ranch will begin a comprehensive online training program intended to offer support and training to disabled people, no matter where they live. This is an exciting new concept and we are looking forward to bringing “Real World” dog training to people interested in training their own pet, therapy, facility and service dogs. This means that you no longer need to live near a specific location to take advantage of the skills and tools we offer.

Gabby Jack Ranch has successfully matched and placed puppies and the recipient, at the puppy’s early age, so that bonding is strengthened. Early bonding, we believe, encourages training for the team and builds a solid foundation for life-long growth, mutual respect and cooperation.  Oliver and Leo

Gabby Jack Ranch is developing a unique business protocol in stages. Taking advantage of our experience in matching and early placement, we continue to carefully match quality puppies with appropriate clients. Utilizing the lessons learned from our early years, we are strengthening our purpose and program goals to serve more people, more dogs, in less time, for less money than traditional programs.

Instead of placing puppies with strangers (puppy raisers) for puppy raising and dog training, we place puppies with our clients where they will quickly adjust to their new home. We identify specialized classes for every phase of training from puppy socialization through to advanced training and service dog certification. Likewise, we are working with other responsible and moral dog breeders so that no matter where you live, we can guide you to dog breeders who promote the values of Gabby Jack Ranch in their breeding programs.

Using the unique training philosophy developed by Gabby Jack Ranch professionals, our capable and willing clients are empowered to train their dogs, in their homes, with class instruction from skilled dog trainers and behaviorists. Our clients must show strong improvement with their dogs and graduate from class to class, showing solid skills before they are accepted into the public access and service dog task training.

We look forward to continued growth, placing a greater number of service dogs and perfecting innovative training methods to meet the commitment we have made to our dogs and to our clients.

Gabby Jack Ranch (now operating as a sole proprietorship) continues to provide the outstanding quality and services you expect from Gabby Jack Ranch; the only change is that we are now a private business and do not operate as a non-profit branch of Canine Service Connection. We no longer request, accept or qualify for tax exempt donations.

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Foster homes are needed for temporary care of dogs or puppies from time to time and we are always looking for breeder caretaker homes for our breeding dogs (breeder caretaker homes are permanent placements, the dog remains with you upon satisfactory termination of our guardianship contract.) Please let us know your area of interest through our contact form (on the menu above).

Thank you for your interest and promotion of Gabby Jack Ranch!
Jacque Reynolds