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Gabby Jack Ranch’s thoughtful breeding program includes carefully selecting parent dogs that have been health tested and chosen for their temperaments, intelligence, personalities, and often low to non-shedding qualities. Whether you are looking for a home companion, or a puppy to train for service or therapy work, we make the process of selecting a puppy fun for you and your puppy! We DO sell pet puppies from every litter!

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GRADUATION! Homefront Dogs veterans and Gabby Jack Ranch civilian clients will be graduating on July 26, 2014! For more information, click this link: http://gabbyjackranch.org/graduation-2014-you-are-invited/

RESTRUCTURED TRAINING PROGRAM! Gabby Jack Ranch is planning to incorporate a more responsive schedule of classes! Starting in January, 2015, our classes will be held more often and during more convenient times for the general public. Watch for our new program information coming soon!

While you are waiting to meet your future puppy, we are lovingly teaching him/her all about the joy of living with humans! Prior to adoption, we teach them to enjoy being held close, we let them learn from play and provide stimulating new learning tools to their daily schedule. Our puppies enjoy human touch and learn how to allow someone to massage between their little toes.

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Homefront Dogs

HomeFront Dogs helps eligible veterans with service related disabilities to train a dog or puppy to become their service dog.  We concentrate on teaching the dogs what they need to do to mitigate the effects of PTSD and TBI.  Dogs being trained primarily for mobility will require a facilitator to help with the training. Others are trying to copy our name and program, Homefront Dogs is an official, registered, trade name for Gabby Jack Ranch’s special veteran program. Our name and program are approved by the IRS as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation and donations made to support Gabby Jack Ranch’s Homefront Dogs program are tax deductible.

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"Every dog is an individual; each has potential to achieve excellence. It is our job to find a way to communicate with them clearly and effectively." - Jacque Reynolds

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