“Gabby Jack Ranch – where wagging tails meet smiling faces!”


Gabby Jack Ranch’s thoughtful breeding program includes carefully selecting parent dogs that have been health tested and chosen for their temperaments, intelligence, personalities, and often low to non-shedding qualities. Whether you are looking for a home companion or a puppy to train for service, therapy or facility work, we make the process of selecting a puppy fun for you and your puppy!

We DO sell pet puppies from every litter! All puppies are bred for the same temperament, good health and intelligence as the puppies for service and therapy dogs. So, your pet puppy will be lovable, trainable and social.

Gabby Jack Ranch discontinued our non-profit status so we are no longer a non-profit entity.

Beautiful Babies

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Gabby Jack Ranch has created the most innovative, successful training program offered for service and therapy dog services! But we don’t stop there! While also offering puppy socialization, basic obedience, intermediate and specialized training, we realized that the biggest challenge for people with disabilities is finding a qualified training program to help them train their own service dog. We are meeting this challenge and will unveil our cloud based “Real World” dog training plans at the end of 2016. Please watch for our announcement!

We have a unique approach that allows people with disabilities to become their own “puppy raiser” and eliminates the typical two year waiting period required by traditional service dog training programs! When qualified applicants are interviewed, it is a matter of weeks, not years, before they begin their work with the puppy that will become their team partner. Our program is quicker, less expensive and, more importantly, individually targeted to the needs of our clients.

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Homefront Dogs

Our program targeted for US veterans, Homefront Dogs, is changing! In order to meet the demands of a diverse and scattered client base, we are creating a Real World dog training program to reach out to people, no matter where they live! This program is responsive to the needs of people with disabilities and yet it is offered for much less money and through the convenience of cloud technology, we are able to reach out to many people in need and help them with this important work! Please watch for our announcements at the end of this year for more information! Please like us on facebook, where we will make pertinent announcements as they happen!

Gabby Jack Ranch is no longer a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization; we continue to offer excellent puppies and services to veterans but we are not able to offer discounts or donations.

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